AFOL Registration 2018

Setting up will be possible on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Contrary to previous years, setting up will not be possible on Thursday and Friday morning. You’re welcome to come help us prepare the tables on Friday morning, though!

  1. Registration is now closed!
  2. Accommodations: see our accommodations page (we’ll keep updating it) for available hotels and similar. Participants must book indipendently and then let us know.
  3. General information:
    • The event will take place in the Polo di Lecco (Politecnico di Milano) with pedestrian and car(exhibitors only) access from via Gaetano Previati, 3/c, Lecco.
    • There will be barriers between the MOCs and the public.
    • It is possible to withdraw not after 15 days before the event.
    • On Friday and Saturday morning the venue will not be open to the public. Opening times are still to be confirmed, though.
    • Disassembly will have to be done by 12:00, Monday July 30 2018. Exhibitors can stay on Sunday evening until 10:00 PM.