AFOLs Registration and Information

Assembling takes place on Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning before 10:30 am. If necessary you can assembly your buildings on Saturday or Sunday. Please let Marco Chiappa know directly.

  1. Registration:

    To take part to the event please send and e-mail to Marco Chiappa with the following form.

    Download the registration form.

  2. Exhibition maps:

    Exhibition maps.

    The maps will be update for every new registration. The assignment of the space will follow the order of the registration and the space needed.

  3. Lunch / Dinner / Accommodation:

    Lunch and dinner organization is in progress.

    For a room or camping, please send and e-mail to Marco Chiappa. Click the accommodations section for details.

  4. General information:
    • The event will take place inside the “Fantasia” Primary School in Ballabio (LC, Italy). The exhibition will cover more than 2000 square meters.
    • The exhibition tables are separated from the people by barriers.
    • If you want to unregistered please e-mail Marco Chiappa up until 15 days before the event.
    • Friday and Saturday morning are only for AFOLs.
    • Bar and other services will be inside the sports hall.
    • When you will reach the event, you’ll find a complete folder with program, town map, detailed information and other useful things.
    • Exhibitors must disassemble their creations by 12:00 o’clock on Monday 8. This way exhibitors can stay in the event area also on Sunday evening.
  5. Meals (coming soon)