AFOLs Registration and Information 2014

Setting up will be possible on Thursday (from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM), Friday (from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM), with no chance to stay longer (during the night the building will be closed) and Saturday (from 8:00 AM to 10:30 AM). Exhibitors who intend to come only on Saturday or Sunday should let Marco Chiappa know.

  1. Registration: who wants to register as an exhibitor should fill the registration form.
  2. Map: Exhibition maps. The maps will be updated with every new exhibitor. The space will be assigned according to registration order and the space available.
  3. Accommodations: see our accommodations page for available hotels and similar. Exhibitors must book indipendently and then let us know.
  4. General information:
    • The event will take place in the Polo di Lecco (Politecnico di Milano) with pedestrian and car(exhibitors only) access from via Gaetano Previati, 3/c, Lecco.
    • There will be barriers between the MOCs and the public.
    • It is possible to withdraw from exhibiting not after 15 days before the event.
    • On Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning the venue will not be open to the public.
    • Every exhibitor will find a binder with program, detailed information and a few surprises.
    • Disassembly will have to be done by 12:00, Monday July 21 2014. Exhibitors can stay on Sunday evening until 10:00 PM.
  5. Exhibitors and ItLUG members rights.
    Exhibitors will get:

    • Exhibiting space
    • informative documents via email, including the parking pass to print at home and show mandatorily at the exhibitors parking
    • Event brick

    Exhibitors who are also ItLUG members or members of foreign LUGS can also take part to the auction.

  6. Food (coming soon)