Team 2014

In the following list you can find the people that have in charge the organization of dioramas, robotic match and other activities. If you want to take part to the event, feel free to ask whatever you want.

General organization and coordinator
Marco Chiappa
Massimiliano Starvaggi,
Francesco Spreafico
ItLUG Diorama
Giuliano Baduglio
Play area “Pick n’ Build”
Pianeta Mattoncino
Laboratorio CAD
Willy Tschager
Robotics lab
Stefano Ferrari
GBC – Great Ball Contraption
Gabriele Biffi
Cantiere Technic
Tommaso Corti
Vintage Museum
Andrea Morelli
Robotic sumo matches
Giancarlo Saba
Francesco Spreafico
Poster and related graphics
Roberto Cencig
QR code
Francesco Frangioja
ItLUG booth
Massimiliano Starvaggi