AFOLs Registration 2015

Setting up will be possible on Thursday, Friday , with no chance to stay longer (during the night the building will be closed) and Saturday morning. Exhibitors who intend to come only on Saturday or Sunday should let Marco Chiappa know.

  1. Registration: who wants to register as an exhibitor should fill the registration form
  2. Map: Exhibition maps. The maps will be updated with every new exhibitor. The space will be assigned according to registration order and the space available.
  3. Accommodations: see our accommodations page for available hotels and similar. Exhibitors must book indipendently and then let us know.
  4. General information:
    • The event will take place in the Polo di Lecco (Politecnico di Milano) with pedestrian and car(exhibitors only) access from via Gaetano Previati, 3/c, Lecco.
    • There will be barriers between the MOCs and the public.
    • It is possible to withdraw from exhibiting not after 15 days before the event.
    • On Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning the venue will not be open to the public.
    • Every exhibitor will find a binder with program, detailed information and a few surprises.
    • Disassembly will have to be done by 12:00, Monday August 3 2015. Exhibitors can stay on Sunday evening until 10:00 PM.
  5. Exhibitors and ItLUG members rights.
    Exhibitors will get:

    • Exhibiting space
    • informative documents via email, including the parking pass to print at home and show mandatorily at the exhibitors parking
    • Event brick
  6. Food (coming soon)