Vintage Museum

Reference person: Andrea Morelli

The Vintage Museum is an idea I had and it’s strictly related to LEGO® bricks I am crazy about from when I was a kid. As I collect sealed boxes, I would share with you a “jump back in time” and let you enjoy some sets very difficult to find MISB.

Of course it’s quite impossible to find every set so I’ll display a few sets with a little help from you. As I’m in charge of this exhibition section, to make my task easier, I thought to create some guidelines to avoid misunderstandings, as we all know how much a sealed box is worth!

Every ItLUG Member can support this exhibition and your support will be fundamental to reduce vacant spots in my collection. This year’s theme is “The Evolution of the Minifig”.

Here you can read how to join the Museum Vintage exhibition:

  1. Only ItLUG members can exhibit sets according to my suggestions.
  2. Sets must be delivered to me – exclusively to me – in Lecco, before the exhibition’s start and can be withdrawn at the of the exhibition. No set can be delivered once the exhibition has started.
  3. Only sealed boxes in good condition will be accepted.
  4. Your box/set will be unique in the museum.
  5. Exhibitors for the Vintage Museum will be considered as ItLUG Lecco 2016 exhibitors.
  6. Registrations are open up to July 10th 2017 and they have to be sent to:

Thanks for your cooperation… and join the fun!