Event announcement

The dates for ItLUG Lecco 2021 have been set for the next July 31/August 1, in the usual Politecnico di Lecco building.

The pandemic and and the rules that come with it, at the moment don’t allow events like this.

Nevertheless, we decided to proceed with this date, well aware that the event would hardly be the way we had in in the past.

In case we actually get to have it, it will be reduced in many parts, so to be able to fullfill even the hardest rules.

If we won’t be able to have it even in this reduced form, we’re thinking about a possible different solution.

In case we won’t be able to do that either, we will be forced to cancel again, even this year.

We all hope that the pandemic will get better as much as possible, but at the same time we believe it is right to keep a flame on for our passion too.