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Records, numbers and articles

Ballabio 2012 is over! First, the press:

Lecco notizie, Friday;
Ballabio News, Saturday morning;
Ballabio News, Saturday night;
La Provincia di Lecco, Saturday;
Lecco notizie, Sunday;
Ballabio News, Sunday night;
Lecco notizie, today;

The monorail world record was smashed: 362,5 meters run by the train in 23 minutes and 17 seconds! Here’s a short video (the real record video will follow, of course!)

An talking about records, Ballabio 2012 smashed another one: visitors! Saturday night visitors had reached 3631 and Sunday night, at the end of the exhibit, they were 7965… almost 400 more than last year’s edition in Lecco!

Stay tuned for more updates, videos and pictures!