AFOL Registration 2024

[Days and times are still to be officially decided!]
Setting up will be possible on Friday and Saturday early morning.

  1. Registration: who wants to register should fill the registration form.
    The space for exhibitors will be assigned according to the space available. We’ll try to satisfy everybody, but it’s possible that we will ask you to reduce the space of your exhibition. Please do not ask for 10 mq if you don’t need them. And if you end up coming with less than what you asked for, please let us know as soon as possible!

    Here you can find details about the tables. Read them carefully before requesting your space.

    If you want to display sets, the space available is extremely limited, no more than 70×120 for each exhibitor. We also ask you to let us know which sets you want to bring, so to avoid duplicates. Worst case scenario, we will have to ask you to leave your sets at home. Exhibiting is not required to participate to the event, anyway.

    We remind you that clones and compatibles are not accepted, this is an exhibition of models built with LEGO bricks.

  2. Accommodations: see our accommodations page (coming soon) for available hotels and similar. Participants must book indipendently and then let us know.
  3. General information:
    • The event will take place in the Polo di Lecco (Politecnico di Milano) with pedestrian and car(exhibitors only) access from via Gaetano Previati, 3/c, Lecco.
    • There will be barriers between the MOCs and the public.
    • It is possible to withdraw not after 15 days before the event.
    • On Friday and Saturday early morning the venue will not be open to the public. Opening times are still to be confirmed, though.
    • Disassembly will have to be done by 12:00 pm, on Monday. Exhibitors can stay on Sunday evening until 10:00 PM.